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About TurretCraft

TurretCraft is a multiplayer TD game where you have to build maze using turrets, and attack your enemies with mercenaries.

There are two teams, North and South, competing against each other with 1 to 3 players each. Each player chooses a turret race and start building. Players have to attack their opponents by buying mercenaries.

Build the best maze to keep your castle safe and combine mercenaries to smash your enemies.

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Key Features

Multiplayer Tower Defense: Play with your friends or strangers. Lead your team to victory. You can play 1vs1, 2vs2 or 3vs3.

Build The Best Maze: There are no predefined spots for building. You have a large area to show your creativity. 

Attack While Defending: Spend your golds on available units to attack your enemy. Every mercenary increases your future income. 

40 Turrets & 39 Units: There are 10 turret races with different abilities and 4 turrets in each race.  27 basic mercenaries and 12 boss mercenaries are given to choose from.